27 de May de 2021

Do you ever wonder how the Fiebre Dummy Award works? Here we tell it all.

Fiebre Photobook is a platform co-directed by Olmo González, Miren Pastor and Daniel Mayrit, three visual artists passionate about photobooks, a key piece in our creative development. Being aware of the financial, technical and distribution difficulties involved in publishing a photobook, we are very excited to carry out this award for the 5th year in a row with the collaboration of a great team of professionals. On this article we share how we run this open call, which by the way, extends its deadline until Wednesday, September 23!

Printing at Artes Gráficas Palermo
Artes Gráficas Palermo, a European reference in printing with more than 45 years of experience, is our main ally. Combining experience and technology, they take care of the production and cover the costs of the winning project. Its director, Miguel Ángel Esteban, with whom we maintain a close collaboration, actively participates and shares his technical vision specialized in photobooks. For instance, in Like Stains of Red Dirt, Miguel Ángel opted to use heptachromic printing, a custom-made printing technique that was perfectly suited to reproduce the powerful colors of Juan Orrantia’s book. His vision is crucial to interpret the technical characteristics and production needs of each dummy book in order to improve the final result.

Pre-press and a great collective work at La Troupe
To achieve an optimal printing that meets the requirements of each author, we bring onboard Gonzalo Hernández and Víctor Garrido. Founding members of La Troupe, a transversal group of professionals linked to the production of artistic and editorial projects, they both have extensive experience in photomechanical and pre-printing of numerous national and international photobooks. In specific cases, we have expanded the collaboration by bringing in the work of their in-house designers. Jaime Narváez has designed the Like Stains of a Red Dirt and Rubén García-Castro redesigned A Google Wife. It is worth mentioning that the photographer of the collective specialized in reproductions, Luis Marino Cigüenza, also takes the photographs of the publications, enhancing the characteristics of each book.

Publishing and distribution, by Dalpine
Sonia Berger, director of Dalpine and also a member of the La Troupe collective, is one of the essential pillars in the edition of the winning photobook. With great criteria to pick up on the potential of each project, she is fully involved in every step, accompanying the authors throughout the entire process. In addition, She carries out important communication work in specialized media and manages distribution effectively, guaranteeing presence in key stores, fairs and festivals.

Official launch and exhibition at Art Photo Bcn
Since last year we have established a new collaboration with Art Photo Bcn, thanks to the commitment of its director Isabel Lázaro. Together we have come to merge our Photobook Market with her emerging photography festival and fair. As a result of this synergy, the author of Aporia Andrew Waits, presented his photobook at the 6th edition of Art Photo Bcn and participated in the fair with a stand, with Fine Art copies printed in collaboration with La Troupe. Thus we expand our networks, reaching new audiences within a context that brings together gallery owners, curators, editors and collectors interested in contemporary photography. Due to the consequences of COVID-19, the 7th edition has been postponed from May to October, and if circumstances allow it, we will enjoy the presence of Juan Orrantia, a Colombian photographer living in South Africa, winner of the last edition.

The Jury
Every year we have a diverse international jury, with the aim of maintaining a balance between the technical advice of our team and the creative vision of different professionals. This year the jury is made up of team members Miguel Ángel Esteban, Víctor Garrido, Sonia Berger and Isabel Lázaro, joined again by photographer and editor Fosi Vegue, a founding member of Fiebre Photobook. As a novelty, we also invited Juan Orrantia, winner of the previous edition, and Verónica Fieiras and Alejandro Cartagena, two Latin American editors and photographers that we admire. In addition, we are proud to have counted in previous editions with the collaboration of highly prestigious professionals in the sector such as Christian Patterson, Olga Yatskevich, Erik Kessels, Colin Pantall, Katja Stuke, Larissa Leclair, Sebastian Arthur Hau, Misha Kominek, Valentina Abenavoli, Tiffany Jones, Gabriela Cendoya, Aneta Kowalczyk, Grzegorz Kosmala or Laura Carbonell.

The prize
During the five editions of the Fiebre Dummy Award, resources have evolved and improved. The prize currently consists of a print run of 500 copies, of which 25 correspond to the winner, on top of €1000 cash prize in the concept of sales that is paid in advance upon signing the contract. In addition, the award includes transport and accommodation for attending the book launch in Barcelona, as well as the production of the exhibition. The team of Fiebre Photobook also takes care of promoting the book and its author, carrying out campaigns on social networks and sending newsletters. As icing on the cake, we exhibit the 10 finalist dummies during the festival in Madrid, including a public vote to promote the authors.

A major change in our terms and conditions
Due to complications derived from COVID-19, this year we have introduced an important change. We have chosen not to ask for a physical dummy in order to facilitate the participation of all interested authors, taking into account that we receive proposals from more than 30 countries. Due to this change, the exhibition of finalist dummies will be held together with the audience award on different online channels.

Links of interest
After the experience turning the dummies of Bernardita Morello, Olga Bushkoba, Andrew Waits and Juan Orrantia into real photobooks, we can guarantee that the winning project will be in the best hands, thanks to the teamwork and collaboration of all the aforementioned professionals, who are fully involved in order to achieve the best result. If you want to know more about the award, we recommend the following links:

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions for this edition,

Best of luck to everyone!

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