He grew up in the fog

Angelo Bonetti 

The project is an introspective research through a deconstruction and reconstruction of memory, born from an urgency to oppose a situation of discomfort that began in the post-adolescent age and continued over the years.
A malaise with regard to a past time, which it seems to me that I have not lived or escaped from it; I have very fragmented memories in my mind that dissolve, not distinguishing reality from imagination. Research and revelation of a time, where emotions such as sadness, shame, anxiety, restlessness, nostalgia, have fed in me a sense of constant loss.
With the images I created my own personal map to orient myself and continue further, the past and the future are placed on the same level giving life to a form of continuous present.
This work has allowed me to find a key to relate to that tormented self and forgive him.

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