There is nothing old under the sun

Beatriz Banha

“There is nothing old under the Sun” takes place in Évora, in my grandparents’ house, concerning the period between March and September of 2020, when I decided to come back to my hometown. During this time, my routine started to merge with my grandfather’s quotidian. As the intergenerational gap started to dissolve and our routines merged, I started to develop and scan my films, creating a very specific environment for my project – the universes of pre-production, production, and post-production were all the same. There was a latent reflection on growth during all the process, as I was recreating a time of my childhood when I used to live with my grandparents. This resulted in an introspective period of thinking on acceptance of time. As my grandfather has a close relationship with our backyard, I ended up spending time with him and watching as the plants grow, blossom, fruit, and eventually die, leaving their seeds for another cycle.

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