10th Edition

Thanks for joining us!

Fiebre Photobook Fest, the first and only festival in Spain specialising in photobooks, has celebrated its tenth edition, contributing to the dissemination and promotion of this phenomenon of great cultural value.

For the occasion, Fiebre inaugurated a venue with no more and no less than 2,800 m2 in the Galería de Cristal at CentroCentro, in the Palacio de Cibeles, where photobooks, their creators and readers will be the protagonists for three days.

An annual meeting point dedicated to creators, students, professionals and new audiences who share a great passion for discovering, creating, producing and collecting photobooks. 

A unique opportunity to meet current creators in person, discover new titles at the fair and in the exhibitions and enjoy the activities related to this format.


The fair is the main focus of the festival, with a wide variety of photobooks from publishers and self-publishers, also in magazine and fanzine format.

In addition, a selection of virtual tables can be visited on the online platform in an extended manner until December 31, with publications highlighted by specialized curators.

In this edition we had the presence of participants from different countries, such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Argentina, Chile or Turkey among others, to share news, exchange feedback and promote the market of photobook. Check the virtual tables!


Six exhibitions of different sizes and displays will reflect the international photobook production landscape.

Six very different visions of the possible ways in which photography can become a photobook.

A tribute to the photographic profession that explores the power of the image on the covers and pages of books, magazines, newspapers… in an era full of changes, changes that mark the golden age of media culture. The exhibition produced by CentroCentro, part of the official section of PHotoEspaña 2022, can be visited until 2 October on the 4th floor.

La Ínsula Nómada is an old caravan converted into a photographic laboratory and a travelling exhibition, a project by Juanan Requena that was made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than €20,000 in just one week. It will be a pleasure to have Juanan with us throughout the festival, who will share live and direct the great little photographic album of this travelling adventure.

Books travel in boxes and also in suitcases. Laura Carbonell, in collaboration with Mauro Curti, gives us the unique opportunity to get to know this cartography of the Latin American photobook in order to reflect on the act of reading image books. What does it mean to read in images? What are the possibilities of reading a book of this kind? Is there anything that can precede the image in these cases? +INFO

Cosecha is the annual meeting in which the authors themselves present in person a photographic project that is still at the mock-up stage, organised by the PhotoBook Club Madrid and the Library and Documentation Centre of the Museo Reina Sofía. An opportunity to learn first-hand about the creative processes of the authors and the needs of this format: the sequence, the materials, the design, the printing… presented through an open call.

In a world where the image becomes immaterial, this programme, centred on the printed culture of photography, aims to reclaim the body: a physical experience of the image. Brazo de Papel is a public programme developed within the official FOTONOVIEMBRE section of the TEA Tenerife, a commission coordinated and curated by the visual artist, photographer and cultural manager Sonsoles Company, which features the publications of 6 Canarian artists.

Since 2015, Fiebre Photobook Fest has been organising an annual call for entries with great international repercussions, to turn into a photobook the best model valued by a jury of professionals in the medium. This exhibition will show the 6 publications that have seen the light of day thanks to this call, and for the first time, the winning photobook of the previous call, Leve, by the Argentinian photographer Martín Estol, produced like the rest thanks to the collaboration of Artes Gráficas Palermo, Dalpine and La Troupe.


One of the strong points of the festival’s programme is the opportunity for readers to get closer to their favourite authors through different formats.

This year, Horacio Fernández has coordinated 3 round tables linked to his exhibition at CentroCentro, a meeting has been held around the National Center of Photography, the winners of the Fotocanal and Fiebre Dummy Award have presented their publications, and various authors such as Miguel Trillo, Estela de Castro, Ricardo Cases, Manuela Lorente, Daniel Mayrit or the platform How to be a Photographer have participated in the Talking Books sessions.

Here you can see all the activities recorded in streaming.


As a continuation of the consolidation of the network and the creation of new audiences, two new institutional collaborations have been established, one national, with the UCM, and the other international, with the European Cultural Centre.

Fiebre Photobook is supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE).

Fiebre presented the 10th edition in the context of the sixth edition of the contemporary art biennial “Personal Structures”, organised by the European Cultural Centre, which takes place during the 59th Venice Biennale. A BookJockey session was also held with representative photobooks from this first decade of the festival and the photobooks published through the Fiebre Dummy Award are on display at Palazzo Mora, as part of the Biennale, until November 2022. This positive experience continues at Fiebre. Five members of its team traveled to Madrid to show a selection of photobooks representative of the authors participating in its biennial. 

Generating synergies with the Complutense University of Madrid, its students had a self-managed table at the fair to present their most recent creations. From the classroom to the festival, without intermediate filters.

There will also had a workshop on experimentation with biomaterials, led by Ángel Sesma, Coordinator of Sustainability at the Faculty of Fine Arts. A free workshop with open source recipes and green chemistry methods, to discover the enormous potential of cellulose-based materials and other biomaterials with which to find new and creative solutions.

Finally, Javier Pérez Iglesias, director of the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM has given a performative talk in which a troupe of photobooks (and other publications) will tell (and sing) the story of the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM.