Friday, September 23

Viernes, 23 de septiembre

23 September 17:15

Pending registration. VI Edition of the FotoCanal Contest. Photography Book.

Jordi Guillumet, Mònica Roselló, Montse Puig y Gonzalo Cabrera Martín

23 September 18:15

Talking Books I

Olmo González, Miguel Leache, Laura Len, Antonio Guerra, Francesco Villa & Estela de Castro

23 September 19:15

The role of the Photography and Image Center Platform

Rafael Trapiello, Alejandro Castellote and Sandra Maunac

23 September 20:15

Talking Books II

Cómo ser Fotógrafa, Ricardo Cases, Enrique Agote, Ana Cayuela, David Arribas & Alex Llovet

23 September 21:15

BookJockey session: A natural question?

Rocío Bueno, Elisa Miralles and Esther Ramón

Saturday, September 24

Sábado, 24 de septiembre

24 September 11:15

Public photography on records and posters

Luis Enrique Simón, Adrian Tyler and David Carballal moderated by Horacio Fernández

24 September 12:15

Public photography in Japan

Ricardo Garrido, Juan Cires and César Ávila moderated by Horacio Fernández

24 September 13:15

Photobooks and books

with photos Sonia Berger and Iñigo García Ureta moderated by Horacio Fernández

24 September 16:15

The role of photobooks in an exhibition context

Berenice Freytag, Miguel Núñez Jiménez, Suzanne Van Der Borg, Katerina Zachou from European Cultural Centre

24 September 17:15

Talking Books III

Vicente Paredes, Paula Tudela, Eduardo Nave, Rosa Isabel Vázquez, VV.AA & Julián Barón

24 September 18:15

Photobook Universe: Printed Constellations of Latin America

Laura Carbonell and Mauro Curti

24 September 19:15

Talking Books IV

Toni Amengual, José Luis Carrillo, Ainhoa Resano, Diego Urbina, Rafael Arocha & Manuela Lorente

24 September 20:15

Leve. Winner VI Fever Dummy Award

Martín Estol, Sonia Berger, Jaime Narváez and Fosi Vegue

24 September 21:15

One of yours

Daniel Mayrit

Sunday, September 25

Domingo, 25 de septiembre

25 September 11:15

While where

Juanan Requena and Montse Puig

25 September 12:15

3x4=Orain. Music, cinema and literature in the photobook

Jon Cazenave

25 September 13:15

The Photobooks tell

The library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM narrated from its own publications with Javier Perez Iglesias



Miguel Trillo

25 September 17:15

Presentation Cosecha 2022

in collaboration with the Photobook Club Madrid + VVAA

25 September 18:15

10th anniversary cake

Delilah Virgolini