A Southern Verse

Peter C. Stitt’s work seeks to create feelings of comfort and familiarity while simultaneously encouraging his audience to question and examine these feelings. His images are a journey through landscapes, free of criticism, leaving the viewer to contemplate environments and objects as they are.

He resides in North Augusta, South Carolina, USA, and studied at Northeastern University and Savannah College of Art and Design. He continued developing his craft through teaching, commercial assisting, and gallery management and has worked full-time as an artist since 2016.

Along with being a finalist in the 2019 Arte Laguna Prize in Venice, Italy, Stitt’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, notably in the European Cultural Centre’s “Time, Space, Existence” exhibition during the 2021 Venice Architectural Biennial. In addition, his first book, “A Southern Verse”, was published by Daylight Books in November 2021.