Come costruire un castello di carte

Federica Mambrini

“Come costruire un castello di carte” focuses on some personal attempts to investigate precariousness, balance and the tensions and weights that characterize the pieces. Through an interdisciplinary approach, driven by continuous construction, layering, subtraction and abstraction of notions, the permanent and the finite acquire a new unstable value. At every moment, man, in the cantilever of his weight, breaks his position of stability; thus, within the survey, the possibility of falling is also contemplated as a contemporary experience and necessity. Is it possible to return to the starting point once the equilibrium is lost? Is the sensation of falling a state of mind? As in a scientific dossier, the book is presented with rigor in its absurdity, hierarchizing the content and dividing it into three chapters: direct observations on the territory; experiments, tests, attempts and verifications with elements, objects and people in more or less protected systems; the hypotheses formulated through different approaches on the same subjects. Throughout the work, photography is proposed as the final result for the representation of an idea. In the obsessive and potentially infinite exploration, an attempt was made to revive the situation of unpredictability and the continuous search for a tangible proof of the balance between the parts.