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FIEBRE Photobook is a platform devoted to the photobook field, since December 2013. FIEBRE was born within the walls of Blank Paper school in Madrid, as a result of the need to create a meeting point between independent and consolidated publishers, emerging authors and established professionals of the field such as curators, editors or technicians, always with the idea of generating networks and broadening our audience.

FIEBRE carries out the first and only festival in Spain specialized in photobooks and in September 2021 we will be celebrating its 9th edition. The main pillar of the festival is the specialized photobook fair, which is complemented by other parallel activities such as BookJockey sessions, presentations, workshops, exhibitions, and all kinds of activities related to the world of photobook.

The team currently consists of Miren Pastor, Olmo González, and Daniel Mayrit but other people such as Fosi Vegue, Bonifacio Barrio, Sonia Berger and Víctor Garrido have been indispensable figures since the birth of the platform, and still are today!

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