A Tourist Handbook for Egypt Outside of Egypt (Vol.1 Paris)
At Last, I Hold Your Gaze
If I Can Be Heard In The Place Where You Are
Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You

Sara Sallam is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist, designer, and visual researcher based in the Netherlands. She works with photography, video, and creative writing, often re-appropriating and manipulating archival material to invite hidden meanings to emerge. Themes of absence, loss, and longing run throughout her research-based work in which she explores ways of portraying things we cannot see and people we can no longer meet. Against this backdrop, she reflects on growing up in Egypt, criticising the colonial heritage manifested in tourism, archaeology, and museum practices preventing Egyptians from relating to their past and ancestors. Sara holds a BA in Media Design from the German University in Cairo, an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication, and an MA in Film and Photographic Studies from Leiden University. Her work has been exhibited internationally, is held in the collection of the Museum of Old and New Art, and was awarded grants from Magnum Foundation, the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture, the Prince Claus Fund, and Mophradat. She is currently represented by Tintera Gallery.