Fiebre Dummy Award Shortlist 2021

Fiebre Dummy Award 2021

For the 6th edition of the Fiebre Dummy Award we received a total of 186 submissions from 29 countries such as Spain, Italy, United States, Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, Mexico, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The high quality of the projects received has made particularly difficult the decision of the jury, made up of professionals that we admire, such as Mariela Sancari, Martín Bollati, Federica Chiocchetti and Tiago Casanova; and the production team made up of Sonia Berger, Miguel Ángel Esteban, Víctor Garrido and Fosi Vegue.

After a difficult deliberation, the winner of the FiebreDummy Award 2021 is the project “LEVE” by Argentine photographer Martín Estol.

In his work Leve, Martín Estol claims a space for fantasy. Contrary to a conventional reading of a family biography, texts and images come together in Leve to investigate and pay homage to the figure of a main character —the author’s father in his old age— who possesses the ability to neutralize the force of gravity. This book thus exposes the vulnerability of memory and the body and, therefore, of the human condition, under the open, fluid and unstable umbrella of plausibility.

The dummy “He grew up in the fog” by Italian photographer Angelo Bonetti is the winner of the Audience Prize. With a participation of 210 votes, he has obtained a total score of 330 points.

We would like to thank all the participants, the professionals involved, and send our warmest congratulations to the winner artists! 

We are looking forward to starting working on the production of LEVE and we’ll keep you updated throughout the process on our social platforms.

Below you can access to see the complete pdfs of the 10 finalists, enjoy them!

This award is sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo. The winning project will be co-edited with Dalpine, and La Troupe will handle the prepress process. The presentation of the photobook will take place during the tenth edition of Fiebre Photobook Fest in Madrid, in autumn 2022 (date TBC).

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