Dummy Award

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Fully aware of the technical and economic difficulties involved in the production of photobooks, since 2015 Fiebre Photobook offers an annual award aimed at publishing the best dummy, selected among all submitted proposals.

In this period we have had the opportunity to work with 6 authors from different parts of the world. Here you can see the publications by Martín Estol, Blanca Munt, Juan Orrantia, Andrew Waits, Olga Bushkova and Bernardita Morello.

Shortly we will begin with the publication of the last winner of the 7th edition, with the Danish photographer Julia Mejnertsen and her work “HUN”.

The registration period for the VIII call for entries will open soon and the prize will consist of:

  • A print run of 500 copies of the winning dummy, 25 of which will be for the author.
  • The author will receive 1,000 euros in royalties. 
  • The official presentation will take place in Madrid, in the following edition of the festival, and travel expenses and accommodation expenses in Spain, will be covered from anywhere in the world.
  • The 10 finalist dummies will be part of the virtual exhibition, which will take place on the Fiebre Photobook website during certain dates. 

In the production process, we will have the collaboration of the following professionals:

  • Artes Gráficas Palermo finances the production, including printing, paper and binding.
  • Dalpine co-edits and distributes the publication, facilitating the presence in the main photobook fairs as well as the diffusion among agents and specialized critics.
  • La Troupe performs the prepress and optimization of the images. 
  • The Fiebre team coordinates the communication and diffusion campaign of the photobook. 

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2022 6th edition, Leve by Martín Estol

In Leve, Martín Estol claims a space for fantasy. As opposed to a conventional reading of the family biography, text and images coalesce in this account, exploring and honouring the figure of a protagonist—the author’s father—who has the ability to negate the force of gravity. This book reveals the fragility of both memory and body, and thus of the human condition, from the open, free-flowing, unstable perspective of verisimilitude while highlighting the power of photography to create universes.

Through the use of images, Martín Estol explores transformation processes. Those personal or social experiences that mark turning points. He resorts to books in his search for a tangible medium to put thoughts and voices in order. He showcases and publishes his projects knowing they provide opportunities for experimentation within a process that is continuous and unique. He studied under Filiberto Mugnani and Adriana Lestido. His works have been published by La Luminosa and Ediciones Larivière. He is the co-founder of learning platforms CAMPO and Proyecto Imaginario. His project Leve was granted the Fiebre Dummy Award (2021).

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ISBN 978-84-09-42998-1
Dalpine / Fiebre Photobook, 2022
Photographs & Texts: Martín Estol
Editing: Fosi Vegue & Martín Estol
Design: Jaime Narváez
Prepress: La Troupe
Printing: Artes Gráficas Palermo
Flexbinder with polypropylene cover
17 x 23 cm
Language: Spanish/English bilingual edition
Edition of 500 copies

2021 5th edition, Alerta Mira-Sol by Blanca Munt

In 2019, photographer Blanca Munt engaged in a neighbourhood chat group created to surveil her own neighbourhood and alert of any potential home burglaries or other suspicious activity. What is initially presented as an effective tool for the neighbours soon becomes a source of speculation, suspicion and paranoia. The seemingly quiet community life in a neighbourhood of well-lit streets and conventional homes begins to crumble due not only to the actual burglaries, but also because of the disintegration of the idea of community when personal security is at stake: mistrust, typically based on suspicious appearance or behaviour, now extends to any neighbour who fails to rigorously conform to the group’s purpose.

With a clean and sober design reminiscent of a real estate or security company brochure, the dispassionate pictures portrayed in Mira-sol Alert intertwine with the mental images stemming from an inflamed rhetoric, which gradually take shape as we learn the self-interested views of the different actors in this landscape –neighbours, suspects, police officers, local authorities–, and which appeal strongly to our fears and contradictions. In her own words, Blanca Munt calls for a “reflection on the tension between the privilege of living in a peaceful place and the constant sense of lurking threat encouraged by our current culture of fear.”

Blanca Munt (Barcelona, 1997) believes in the fusion of photography, design and video as the best way to capture her ability to create and tell stories. She takes interest in issues relating to housing, architecture, periphery, landscape, portraiture and society, and explores the culture of fear and paranoia that inspired the project “Mira-sol Alert” (2020). The project’s photobook won the Fiebre Photobook Dummy Award (2020). Also, she recently exhibited her project “Sòl i Sostre” (2021) at the 7th edition of the Mirades Photography Festival, held in the Baix Empordà region. She served as an assistant to photographer Tanit Plana, participating in the project “Puber” showcased in La Virreina (2020), and currently works as curator alongside Borja Ballbé for the digital platform “Panorama”, publishing art projects that address topics related to landscape and territory.–

Text by Fosi Vegue

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15 €
Dalpine / Fiebre Photobook, 2021
ISBN 978-84-09-28239-5 (Catalan/Spanish edition)
ISBN 978-84-09-28240-1 (English edition)
27 x 23 cm
64 pages
Design: Blanca Munt + Rubén García-Castro (La Troupe)
Pre-press: La Troupe
Printed by Artes Gráficas Palermo
Saddle stitch binding
First edition of 300 copies (Catalan/Spanish edition)
and 200 copies (English edition)

2020 4th edition, Like Stains of Red by Juan Orrantia

Like Stains of Red Dirt brings together a series of moments that recognize an experience of a particular place. Made after living in Johannesburg, South Africa, for more than 10 years, Juan Orrantia’s gaze points inward. Combining spontaneous, intuitive and constructed scenes the book moves through moments, gestures and objects in his home and immediate surroundings. His use of color and shadows create a language rooted in subjective, everyday experience and imagination.

In a country marked in so many ways by color, the photographs invite us to think of the surface as both seductive and as an illusion. They suggest emotions and anxieties as much as the presence of historical, political and representational undercurrents that traverse the context in which the photographs are made.

Juan Orrantia makes photographic works that involve subjective approaches to thinking about perception, history, and the representational function of the image. For this he explores different modes of interacting with color, interventions and the photobook. He has been awarded a Smithsonian Artist Fellowship, the Tierney Fellowship in Photography, and exhibited at venues such as the Centro de la Imagen-Mexico City, Lisbon Photobook Fair, Rencontres de Bamako, Khoj-New Delhi, New York Photo Festival among others. He holds an MFA in Photography from Hartford Art School’s International limited residency program and a doctorate in visual anthropology. Juan was born and raised in Colombia and is based in South Africa. The maquette for Like Stains of Red Dirt was awarded the 2019 Fiebre Dummy Award.

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35 €
ISBN 978-84-09-19020-1
Dalpine/Fiebre Photobook, 2020
Graphic design: Jaime Narváez
Pre-press: La Troupe/Artes Gráficas Palermo
Printing: Heptachrome extended gamut printing by Artes Gráficas Palermo
Softcover with acetate jacket
98 pages
26,5 x 22 cm
First edition of 500 copies

Collector Daily
The British Journal of Photography
Punto de Fuga Bogotá

2018 3rd edition, Aporia by Andrew Waits

​In APORIA, photographer Andrew Waits addresses the phenomenon of rapid growth being experienced in many urban locations around the world. A desire to explore the underpinnings of a rapidly changing environment, and how it demonstrates itself on one’s psyche, is at the core of this work. APORIA is the culmination of this effort, a dreamlike narrative pieced together from the observed landscape.

APORIA does not presume to answer questions regarding the ills of the urban development. It rather presents a fictional narrative in an effort to approach a feeling that something is amiss. There is a limit to what can be observed in an environment so deeply woven with complexity. As Waits has said, “For the most part, we are disconnected from the underlying mechanisms of the system in which we live. APORIA attempts to highlight this disconnect and struggle for understanding and connection. Perhaps in doing so, it can provide a brief glimpse into what lies underneath the system where the collective psyche of a population finds its covert habitation.”

Andrew Waits (b. 1983) is a native of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. He studied Political Science and Communications at the University of Washington and recently completed his MFA in photography at the University of Hartford. His first body of work, Boondock, dealt with the ways in which survival dictates fluidity of location, interconnectivity, and the concept of home. His new book, Aporia, addresses rapid urbanization and how it manifests itself in the physical environment and latent psychology of a population. The maquette for Aporia was awarded the 2018 Fiebre Dummy Award. He currently resides in Oakland, California.

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35 €
ISBN 978-84-09-06218-8
Dalpine/Fiebre Photobook, 2018
Design: Aaron Bloom
Prepress: La Troupe
Printed by Artes Gráficas Palermo
Hardcover with a tipped-in-image
112 pages
32 x 23,5 cm
First edition of 500 copies

Punto de Fuga

2017 2nd edition, A Google Wife by Olga Bushkova

‘In 2011 my husband got an offer to work for Google in Zürich, Switzerland. Neither me nor my husband spoke German or ever lived outside of Russia’.

‘We rented an apartment on the top floor at Zwinglistrasse 17, twenty minutes walk from the Google office. I had a limited residence permit and couldn’t work for two years. So I stayed at home. We bought curtains, a table and some glasses. We met my husband’s new colleagues, Google employees, and their wives, Google wives.’

In A Google Wife, using a very personal and empathetic language full of details that only appear after an in-depth reading, photographer Olga Bushkova portrays her daily life and reflects on issues such as uprootedness and adaptation to a new culture, the part of large companies in the reconciliation of work and private life, or the feminist review of women’s role in the professional context.

Olga Bushkova (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) studied in Rostov State University and earned a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Programming. In 2011 she moved to Zürich, Switzerland. Since 2013 she works professionally in Switzerland as a photographer. She has developed two personal projects: “A Google Wife” and “How I tried to convince my husband to have children”. In 2015, together with her husband, she produced the documentary movie Russian Tour. Her dummy A Google Wife was the winner of the Fiebre Dummy Award 2017.

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38 €
ISBN 978-84-697-6911-9
Dalpine/Fiebre Photobook, 2017
Design: Olga Bushkova + Astrolab Estudio
Prepress: La Troupe
Printed by Artes Gráficas Palermo
207 pages
22,9 x 16,2 cm
Edition of 500 copies

Ah magazine
Portraits of Unknown
Libération (2)
FK Magazine
Shortlisted for the Rencontres d’Arles Author Book Award 2018

2016 1st edition, eden by Bernardita Morello

The Eden was described in the biblical narration as a magic and charmed place, a lustful garden where the first man was born. That man, as he couldn’t resist the temptation, tasted the fruit of sin and he was dropped out from that place of wonders and perfection. 

Thousand of years have passed since that story was written down, but it looks like humans haven’t healed from that ancient hurt yet. Still today we constantly try with anguish and fatigue to get back to the heaven on earth we have lost.

That’s why the dreams and ambitions of the humans continuously go towards this ideal of wellness and perfection, so ambiguous as unrealizable. We desire a perfect body. A perfect love and perfect family. A house and a garden perfectly cared. But every time we try to build around us our little personal paradise we constantly fall down, faced to the enormous and miserable course of life. 

What is left, outside of the Eden gardens, is the world inhabited by a finite, unresolved and sometimes painful reality. The images of eden show this reality: the only one we can know. They invite us to discover the delight behind the defect, the beauty behind the imperfection.  They make us enjoy what we have and often we let it slip away, distracted following the desire of an imaginary idyl. With them we abandon the illusions, the false expectations of existence and we meet life, as it is and as it will always be. Nadie sabe que todo está acá.

Leonardo Tagliaferri 

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ISBN 978-84-608-9312-7
Fiebre, 2016
Design: Eloi Gimeno
Pre-press: La Troupe
33 x 21 cm
80 pages

L’Oeil de la Photographie