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Fiebre Photobook is the first festival in Spain specialized in photobooks. Reinforcing from the beginning its function as an international and essential meeting point for creators, students, professionals, collectors and the general public who share a great passion for this format.

Fiebre arose within Blank Paper Escuela in Madrid, as a result of the need to create a meeting between independent and consolidated publishers, emerging authors and those with a longer trajectory, professionals of the medium such as curators, editors or technicians, always with the idea of generating networks and broadening the audience.

The BookMarket is the main axis of Fiebre, which brings together small and large publishers, independent imprints, distributors, specialized stores and self-publishers with the aim of showing their novelties, exchanging opinions and getting to know each other. Parallel activities are organized around the fair to promote the meeting, such as presentations, workshops, exhibitions, viewings, talks and BookJockeys, bringing the photobook to new audiences, with no age limit.

The team is currently formed by Miren Pastor, Bonifacio Barrio, Paula Dávila, Olmo González, and Daniel Mayrit. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Community of Madrid, the AC/E Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE), Bestalde Studio, Artes Gráficas Palermo, La Troupe, Dalpine, the Photobook Club Madrid, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM, Fotocasión, Punto de Fuga and Clavoardiendo.

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