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La Casa Encendida acoge por primera vez el único festival en España especializado en el libro de fotografía. La undécima edición de Fiebre Photobook Fest, más veraniega que nunca, plantea un viaje al futuro del fotolibro, mirando al origen, y sin perder la perspectiva del ahora.


The Fiebre Library is a virtual space to care for, protect, strengthen and publicize the industrial fabric around the photobook and at the same time promote the dynamization, structuring and internationalization of the sector, reflecting the extensive and rich current production. It has a registry of more than 1,000 publications, with intelligent filters and tags that connect the books in a transversal way. Haven’t you included yours yet? It’s free, just log in and fill out the form.

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Fiebre Photobook - FiebrePhotobook_Biblioteca


Dive into Fiebre’s expanded library! This section hosts self-created content as a source of inspiration, to develop a greater critical capacity and learn from professionals specialized in the photobook. Each format is unique ;)

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Aware of the technical and economic difficulties involved in the production of a photobook, Fiebre organizes the annual Fiebre Dummy Award, an international competition to turn the best proposal into a photobook. Since 2015 that this initiative was activated, it has 7 publications that will be exhibited in Torreón 1. In addition, on Saturday, June 22, the Danish photographer Julia Mejnertsen, winner of the 7th edition, will present her photobook HUN.

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