13 de February de 2023


The Fiebre Photobook Fest team is pleased to announce the decision of the VII Fiebre Dummy Award:

HUN by the Danish photographer Julia Mejnertsen, is the winning dummy of the jury’s prize for its excellent visual investigation of family relationships through a controversial topic such as hunting. The different chapters of this book and the materials used (photographs, drawings, conversations) reveal psychological facets of an unusual mother-daughter relationship and invite the reader to share the author’s doubts and hesitations in regard of her beliefs and prejudices.

The dummy “OVO” by Brasilian photographer Calebe Simões is the winner of the Audience Prize. With a participation of 315 people, he has obtained a total score of 501 points.

Congratulations to Julia, Calebe and all the finalists! Many thanks to all the participants, and especially to the international jury formed by Arianna Rinaldo, European Cultural Centre Italy, Fosi Vegue, Sonia Berger, Martín Estol and Moritz Neumüller for helping us to make this difficult decision.

This call is sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo. The winning entry will be co-published with Dalpine and La Troupe will handle the prepress process. The presentation of the book will take place during the next edition of Fiebre Photobook Fest in Madrid.